Certified Lender Business Banker (CLBB) Benefits

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CLBB Benefits

ICB is particularly proud of the benefits and services portfolio that we offer our members and continually seeks to expand its value.

  • ICB Certified Banker newsletter (quarterly, delivered electronically) -- ICB members receive a newsletter that shares program developments, member career notes,  insights from ICB leadership, the latest continuing education opportunities, and more Continuing Education (CE) record keeping -- ICB will review all CE activities that you submit for credit approval free of charge
  • Continuing education (CE) referral service -- ICB maintains a database of continuing education opportunities that have been submitted for credit approval. ICB's Continuing Education Manager (202-663-5381) can assist you in locating applicable continuing education opportunities convenient to you.  ICB may be able to save you from having to research available education options by searching our database. There is no fee associated with a request for a continuing education referral. Please note -- ICB 's database may not include a specific activity if it has not been submitted for review.
  • Industry contacts -- ICB provides a searchable online directory which serves as a golden Rolodex for certified members. In order to access the directory, members must log on to the ICB members-only web site.
  • New member referral incentives -- ICB realizes that we are only as good as you say we are. ICB will recognize you for talking about us to your friends and colleagues. As a member, you are eligible for two different types of rewards for referring new members:  If you refer just one new member who applies for certification in a given calendar year, ICB will waive your annual membership dues for the next calendar year, up to $199 for a certified member.  If you refer just 15 or more new members who apply for certification in a given calendar year, ICB will pay your annual membership dues for life!  To take advantage of ICB's referral incentive program, please click here for the form.

Talking points for certification

If you need something to discuss the benefits of certification, then this is it. This one page document can be used to explain to others the value of certification to you, to your organization, and even to the general public.

​Questions? Please contact icb@aba.com for more information.