Continuing Education (CE) Provider Information

Continuing Education Provider Instructions

A continuing education (CE) provider is an organization that has submitted training programs to ICB for CE credit review and approval.  ICB will award CE credit if the program relates to one or more knowledge areas on ICB's Certification Exam Outlines. ICB awards credit based on a 50-minute credit hour.

To submit a program, please complete the appropriate continuing education provider application and submit it to ICB for review.  Programs will be reviewed and the results sent to providers within 4 weeks of the date received via email. Please refer to the application for the appropriate fee assessed per program.

Program review fees are non-refundable. Ensure programs submitted apply to the ICB Exam Outline of the Certification for which you are applying for credits.

Continuing Education Provider Application

Complete the appropriate CE Provider Application in order to have a program reviewed for ICB credits:

Applications must include a timed agenda, description of each session and speaker biographies. For all online programs, include an outline of the program content, program creator bios, and access to the course. Online programs must include an assessment. All programs must be reviewed annually. Application materials should be faxed or mailed to ICB, along with the applicable fee.

Approval Statements

CE Providers should use the following language to promote CE credit approval:

The title of program has been approved for number of credits/certification credits. This statement should not be viewed as an endorsement of this program or its provider." ICB Members must report these credits at

For programs that have been submitted, but not yet approved, the following language may be used:

" The title of program has been submitted to ICB for CE credit review and is pending approval. Once we receive notification of the credit approval, we will notify attendees/participants." (This information is also provided on the ICB approval letter.)

Please note--The ICB strictly prohibits the use of ABA or ICB logos.

Continuing Education Provider Responsibilities

Once a program has been approved for continuing education (CE) credit by the Institute of Certified Bankers (ICB), program providers are required to:

  • Communicate the amount of credit approved to all attendees/participants.
  • Verify an attendee's participation in a program upon their request for up to 3 years after the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I submit a program for CE consideration?
A. ICB providers should complete the appropriate CE provider application, attach a timed agenda, speaker bios and payment and fax or mail the package to ICB. You may email the program information and speaker bios to however the payment must be mailed or faxed. Please include 'CE Provider Application' in the subject of the email. 
                      202-663-7543 (Secure Fax)

                  Institute of Certified Bankers
                  PO Box 791180
                  Baltimore, MD 21279-1180

Q. What does ICB need to review a program?
A.  Program submissions should include a completed CE provider application, a timed agenda with brief descriptions of each session and speaker bios. Please check the application for the applicable fee.

Q.  How long does it take to review and approve a program for ICB credit?
A.  Program submissions take up to 4 weeks to review. Responses will be sent in writing via email.

Q.  How does ICB determine whether or not a program is approved for CE credit?
A. Programs are reviewed and awarded full or partial credit based on their relevance to the ICB Exam Outlines. While some topics are job specific, credit will be based on the programs relevance to ICB's exam outlines, which may slightly vary from specific job functions.

Q. Are all programs awarded credit based on a 50-minute credit hour?
A. Yes, all programs are awarded credit based on a 50-minute credit hour. In instances where credits fall short of quarter hours, credits will be increased to the nearest quarter.

Q. Once an approved program is over, how should members report credits?
A. ICB members are required to submit their credits via the Member Services page of the ICB website,  They will need their member ID and password to access their personal records.

​Questions? Please contact ICB for more information.