2011 Deposit Account Fraud Survey

With financial fraud on the rise, where does your bank stand in terms of losses, security, and other pressing issues—especially when challenged by the fraud potential of alternative delivery systems such as the Internet, telephone banking, debit cards, ACH, and wire transactions?

The 2011 ABA Deposit Account Fraud Survey collects baseline information on check and electronic payment fraud losses, and the actions taken by banks to reduce these losses.  The survey examines the leading threats against deposit accounts, current and projected fraud losses, and other fraud-related topics both by overall industry trends and by bank asset size.  Among its findings:

  • Industry check-related losses amounted to an estimated $893 million in 2010, down slightly from the estimated $1.024 billion in 2008.  The number of fraud cases also decreased.
  • Industry losses from debit card fraud—POS signature, POS PIN, and ATM transactions combined—reached an estimated $955 million in 2010, an increase from $788 million in 2008.
  • More than 7 in 10 banks (73 percent) reported having check fraud losses in 2010. Over 9 in 10 banks (96 percent) reported having debit card fraud losses in 2010.

Release date: December 2011

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