Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures

CUSIP® Securities Identification

CUSIP® is the universally recognized identifier for financial instruments.  CUSIP® identifiers cover a wide range of global financial instruments, including extensive equity and debt issues, derivatives, syndicated loans and U.S. listed equity options.

CUSIP® -  Based Identifiers

CUSIP - based identifiers support the accurate and efficient clearance and settlement of securities, as well as processing associated with income payments made during the lifecycle of an issue. They enable:

  • Holders, analysts and brokers to rapidly identify and access issue-specific data
  • Custodians and sub-custodians to easily communicate on securities transactions
  • Depositories to accurately manage transactions and examine historical data

These identifiers include:

  • CUSIP® - Universally recognized identifier for financial instruments (CUSIPs are 9-character identifiers that capture an issue's important differentiating characteristics within a common structure)
  • CINS - CUSIP® International Numbering System
  • CUSIP-based ISIN - Participation in the assignment of CUSIP-based International Securities Identification Numbers
  • CABRE - CUSIP Avox Business Reference Entity Identifier - a new standard code designed to address the market need for an acceptable universal identification system.  This identifier identifies Issuers, Obligors and Counterparties on a global basis.

    Obtaining a CUSIP® - Based Identifier

    CUSIP - based identifiers are assigned by CUSIP Global Services (CGS).  CUSIP Global Services is managed on behalf of the American Bankers Association (ABA) by Standard & Poor's.

    CUSIP Global Services also offers the following data products:

    • CUSIP Master File
    • CUSIP Access
    • CSB ISIN Look-up Service
    • CUSIP Now
    • ISIDPlus Access
    • Municipal Issuer Access
    • Mortgage-Backed Securities Service
    • Private Placement Numbers (PPNs)
    • Security Master Service
    • Syndicated Loan Service

    For more information on how to obtain a CUSIP identifier or for more information on CGS's products and services, please visit the CUSIP Global Services's website at   You can also reach CUSIP Global Services by phoning the CUSIP Sales Department at (212) 438-4500, or write:

    CUSIP Global Services
    c/o Standard and Poor's
    55 Water Street, 47th Floor
    New York, NY 10041

    CUSIP Educational Programs

    CUSIP Global Services offers educational programs specifically designed to help users understand the structure and application of the CUSIP system and are offered free of charge in Seminar and Webinar format.  These educational seminars cover all aspects of the CUSIP system. Click here to register.

    For more information on upcoming seminars, or to arrange a seminar right at your offices, visit the CUSIP website or contact Christine Davis at 212-438-5579 or e-mail to:

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