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Fiserv Payment Solutions:
Image Processing and ClearingEFT Services/ACCELTM Debit Payments Network
Popmoney® Personal Payment Service | SpotPayTM Secure Mobile Card Payment

Leading payment solutions that drive down costs and speed time-to-market for new revenue-generating services.

Financial institutions and businesses are undergoing an efficiency explosion. The world is shifting away from traditional payments systems to electronic payment systems and image-based solutions – and Fiserv is driving this change.

Fiserv strives for innovative ways to speed payment processing and reduce costs for financial institutions. For instance, Fiserv provides one common Web platform for handling check deposits at all payment points: merchant, branch, consumer, regional center and ATM. For a bank, this means enhanced efficiency and review capabilities, and the ability to catch items that are deposited twice.

Whether customers are paying in person or making online payments, Fiserv solutions allow a financial institution to maximize the potential of electronic payment processing. With Fiserv you can secure more customers, boost revenue, increase online traffic, improve deposit taking, and lower costs – all while keeping pace with the continued convergence of payments.

Fiserv offers a full range of fully integrated in-house and outsourced payment solutions – all designed to address your current needs and provide a secure foundation to meet changing customer demands and financial regulatory requirements. These include proven solutions for:

  • ATM solutions
  • Card production and marketing
  • Checks and check images
  • Debit and credit processing
  • Float management solutions
  • Mobile solutions
  • Payment network
  • Remote deposit source capture


Businesses and consumers are demanding more payment choices, and shifting demographics have financial institutions re-thinking their service models. Fiserv offers a range of payment solutions that help banks align to this rapidly changing landscape. Whether you are interested in serving the underbanked, Gen Y or providing a superior experience for your most profitable customers, Fiserv has a solution.


The Payments business segment is a key focus for Fiserv, representing 51% of company revenue. Fiserv is recognized for leadership in the payments industry, processing 3 of every 4 online bill payments and more than 15 billion ACH transactions annually. Fiserv is also a leading debit, credit and ATM transaction processor with approximately 9 billion transactions processed in 2010. More than 16,000 financial institutions serve their customers using payment solutions from Fiserv.


  • Fiserv clients grow revenue by increasing speed-to-market of competitive, innovative and integrated payments offerings to attract and retain customers.
  • Clients reduce the operational cost of, and gain efficiencies for, processing from multiple payment channels and streams.
  • Fiserv clients effectively manage compliance and proactively mitigate the fraud and operational risks associated with an increasingly complex payments process.

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