NCR ATM and Branch Transformation Solutions

An industry leader in self-service ATM deployment, NCR has derived a keen understanding of how customers interact across all channels based on the company's experience and multi-channel, customer-centric approach.  NCR's consumer-friendly ATM and Branch Transformation Solutions can help your bank achieve its strategic goals of increasing customer satisfaction, enhancing sales growth, and improving productivity.

Plus, eligible ABA members receive preferential pricing on NCR ATM solutions.

NCR Self-Service ATM Solutions:

NCR’s family of SelfServTM ATMs offer every transaction in every location type: cash dispense, multi-function, intelligent deposit, cash recycling, foreign exchange, bill payment transactions in low or high volume, interior or exterior, in-branch, off-site or drive-up locations.  

  • NCR SelfServ 16 is a small footprint, freestanding, interior cash dispenser that offers a very low total cost of ownership.
  • NCR SelfServ 22e is a compact freestanding interior cash dispenser that offers flexible placement options to connect consumers to their cash.
  • NCR SelfServ 25 is an exterior through-the-wall and vestibule ATM with a small footprint.
  • NCR SelfServ 26 is an exterior through-the-wall and vestibule ATM with an extremely sleek, slimline profile.
  • NCR SelfServ 32 is a full-function freestanding lobby ATM suitable for any inside location, offering cash dispense, cash and check deposits and a range of revenue-generating services.
  • NCR SelfServ 34 is an exterior through-the-wall and vestibule ATM, specifically designed for high transaction usage.
  • NCR SelfServ 38 is a freestanding drive-up ATM designed to cope with the severest weather conditions.

NCR Branch Transformation Solutions:
NCR Branch Transformation Solutions enable migration to self-service, empowering both customers and staff to interact more freely, to discuss what really matters. This improved experience generates higher customer satisfaction, and ultimately, deeper customer loyalty. The overall result is greater opportunities for increasing income through improved efficiency and sales enablement and ultimately your customer viewing you as their ‘bank of choice’.
NCR APTRA Interactive Tellers are more than an ATM with a video functionality added.  NCR Interactive Tellers combine video and remote transaction processing technology within the ATM.  The remote teller can drive a host of teller transactions on the ATM, such as cash withdrawal, cash deposit, check deposit, check cashing, bill payments, and account transfers.  These two-way audio/video teller transactions, including authentication and identification, are incremental to a traditional ATM transaction set.
By migrating routine transactions away from the teller counter, NCR APTRA Interactive Teller, which can be deployed in lobby or drive-up, provides the combined benefits of lower processing costs, faster transactions and increased product sales and revenue growth. View this video for more on NCR APTRA Interactive Teller.

NCR Financial Kiosks enable you to migrate low-value, routine transactions such as bill payment, statement printing and account maintenance away from tellers to the self-service channel. 

NCR Cash Recyclers securely automate cash handling at the teller line enabling tellers to process transactions much more quickly and efficiently, giving them more time to spend on higher value activities.

NCR APTRA Self-Scheduler is online appointment scheduling software that provides bank customers with an integrated, multi-channel approach to sales appointment scheduling when and where they need it.

NCR Self-Service Management Solutions:

NCR APTRA Vision is a next-generation ATM management system that combines data from assisted- or self-service devices of multiple types with business and commercial data related to the network. It puts operational performance into context with what really counts—consumer experience.

NCR ATM Software and Security Solutions:

NCR APTRA Edge is a highly flexible ATM software self-service application designed for use in any host environment. It is an open solution based on Microsoft® Windows®, enabling you to concurrently offer self-service applications from different hosts and deliver these across hardware from multiple vendors.
Solidcore Suite for APTRA is an innovative software security solution that proactively fights off attack regardless of whether it is a known or unknown risk. Centralized management with real-time alerts also eases the PCI compliance burden.


NCR is the only provider of ATM and Branch Transformation Solutions endorsed by the American Bankers Association. These solutions can help member banks improve operational efficiency and branch productivity, and drive additional sales and revenue while providing an unrivalled experience for your customers.

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