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The Health Savings Account (HSA) Council is an organization of banks, insurers and technology leaders committed to increasing the adoption velocity of health savings accounts in the United States. The HSA Council represents its members before Congress, the White House and U.S. Courts in order to preserve the ability of Americans to pay for healthcare using an HSA.

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 HSA Council's List of Congress Legislation: For the 114th Congress, includes legislation the Council supports and opposes.

HSA News Highlights

  • Department of Labor Fiduciary Standard Proposed Rule
    The DOL requested comments on their Conflicts of Interest Proposed Rule. Comments Due July 1, 2015. From the Preamble, “The Department notes that these [HSA] accounts are given tax preferences as are IRAs. Further, some of the accounts, such as HSAs, can be used as long term savings accounts for retiree health care expenses...Accordingly, these accounts are included in the scope of covered plans in paragraph (f)(2) of the new proposal. However, the Department solicits specific comment as to whether it is appropriate to cover and treat these plans under the proposed regulation in a manner similar to IRAs as to both coverage and applicable carve-outs.”

  • Join the HSA Council at the 2015 IHC Forum East
    The HSA Council is hosting a pre-conference Lunch and Learn on Tuesday June 23rd on HSAs in private exchanges. Kevin McKechnie, HSA Council Executive Director, will be a panelist on the June 25th afternoon General Session. He will be joined by HSA Council Board members as they discuss HSA compliance issues. Attend the Forum.

  • Article on the Cadillac Tax featuring Kevin McKechnie
    In the April 7, 2015, article from Sputnik, HSA Must be Excluded from "Cadillac Tax", executive director Kevin McKechnie explains that Congress needs to act now because employers and employees 'will feel the effects of the Cadillac tax before it takes effect in 2018."

  • IRS Releases "Cadillac Tax" Notice
    The IRS released Notice 2015-16, which provides some insight into how the agency will interpret the statutory language imposing the Cadillac Tax on high-cost employer-sponsored plans. The IRS has said that the total dollars spent by an employer – premium and contributions to the HSA, even if those contributions are from the employee and merely facilitated by the employer – are counted towards the threshold for the excise tax. The HSA Council is examining options for a change to this treatment of HSA funds.

  • Prediction for 2016 HSA Indexed Amounts
    Released January 2015 by HSA Consulting Services' Todd Berkley.
    "We predict that the maximum HSA contribution will increase to $6,750 for those with family coverage in 2016. The individual contribution limit is expected to remain $3,350." Learn more. To see the complete predictions visit askmrhsa.com/.

The HSA Council is dedicated to advancing policies that preserve and expand banks’ ability to offer Health Savings Accounts. Its members include financial institutions, insurers and their technology partners.

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