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The American Bankers Association and its member banks are actively providing financial education in communities nationwide.  Our personal finance resources and  programs are offered to help consumers better understand their financial choices and responsibilities.

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Protecting your money and information should always be top of mind. Here are some helpful tools and tips . Here are some helpful tools and tips.

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Get Smart About Credit
Get Smart About Credit is a national campaign of volunteer bankers who work with young people to raise awareness about the importance of using credit wisely. Get Smart About Credit is celebrated in October, with bankers connecting with youth and adults for credit education lessons throughout the month.

Teach Children to Save
Teach Children to Save is a national program that organizes banker volunteers to help young people develop a lifelong savings habit. Since the program started in 1997, some 130,500 bankers have taught savings skills to 6 million students.

Personal Financial Tips

Checkout Fees: Consumer Rights and Retailer Responsibilities

(Source: Consumer Action).
If you need more explanation, here’s some info from the piece: Soon you could start seeing a new retailer surcharge, or “checkout fee,” when you use your credit card to buy goods and services. A recent court settlement between retailers and the payments industry allows retailers to pass their credit card acceptance costs onto consumers in the form of a new fee. Not all merchants will charge this fee—it’s up to individual business owners.

The settlement is expected to be final in the spring of 2013. Make sure you know your rights – and the merchant’s responsibilities – before paying a fee to use your credit card. Visit Consumer Action for more information.


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