FTC Issues Complaints against Car Title Lenders for Failure to Provide Adequate Disclosures (1/30/15) The Federal Trade Commission on January 30 issued administrative complaints against two title lenders – the agency's first – for not properly disclosing to consumers the qualifications for their zero percent loan offers, a deceptive act that can harm uninformed consumers, FTC said.

Agencies Issue Guidance on Graduated Repayment of Student Loans (1/29/15) The federal banking agencies issued guidance​ to financial institutions that originate private student loans with graduated repayment schedules – loans with a structure that allow smaller repayments earlier on that ramp up over time.


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Feb 3

Securing the Future of Payments with Chip Technology
Feb 3, 2015 | ABA Telephone Briefing

Feb 4

Mortgage Servicing Exams: What You Need to Know
Feb 4, 2015 | ABA Telephone Briefing

Feb 8

ABA National Conference for Community Bankers
Feb 8-11, 2015 | Boca Raton, FL

Mar 20

ABA National Compliance School
Mar 20-26, 2015 | San Diego, CA

Mar 20

ABA Intermediate Compliance School
Mar 20-22, 2015 | San Diego, CA

Mar 23

ABA Government Relations Summit
Mar 23-25, 2015 | Washington, DC