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NEW Comptroller Underscores Interagency Collaboration (10/26/16) Comptroller of the Currency Thomas J. Curry discussed the importance of interagency collaboration in his remarks before the Tenth Annual FDIC's Accounting and Auditing Conference on October 25. Curry said that collaboration can be effective if it is part of the culture and fostered within the agencies. In addition, collaboration must be nurtured and rewarded to effectively work, he said.

NEW Cordray Says Mortgage Market Improved Performance Due to Bureau's Efforts (10/26/16) In a speech before the Mortgage Bankers Association, Bureau Director Rich Cordray said that the mortgage market is performing better now than it was a decade ago partly due to the Bureau's joint efforts. He added that the Bureau is working with the industry to make sure that the servicing rules which take effect in October 2017 are implemented effectively.


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