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FinCEN Renews GTOs Requiring Identification of "All Cash" Buyers of High-End Residential Properties (2/23/17) FinCEN renewed its Geographic Targeting Orders (GTOs) issued last year that require U.S. title insurance companies to identify individuals behind companies used to conduct high-end, all-cash real estate transactions in six major metropolitan areas. FinCEN identified all-cash real estate transactions as an area particularly vulnerable to money laundering, as individuals may use shell companies to purchase high-value properties. GTOs take effect February 24 through August 22, 2017.

MLA Website Malfunction (2/22/17) The Military Lending Act (MLA) website announced that between February 9 and February 15, the MLA Multiple Record Requests malfunctioned, preventing 149 request files from processing. Creditors who submitted a Multiple Record Request file between those dates are asked to re-submit again for processing.


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