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NEW FFIEC Releases New HMDA and CRA Geocoding System (6/30/16) The FFIEC announced the availability of the 2016 FFIEC Geocoding System with an updated 2016 Census demographic data. The FFIEC also released the 2016 Census Data Products which includes the FFIEC Census Windows Application and FFIEC Online Census Data System (formerly FFIEC Census Reports). Visit ABA's HMDA and CRA pages for more information. 

NEW Bureau Releases Supervisory Highlights (6/30/16) The Bureau on June 30 released its 12th edition of Supervisory Highlights, covering recent examination findings, including information about recent enforcement actions that the Bureau completed between January 2016 and April 2016.

NEW DFS Issues Final Rule on Proposed Transaction Monitoring and Filtering Program Requirements (6/30/16) The Department of Financial Services (DFS) on June 30 announced the Final Rule on its proposed Transaction Monitoring and Filtering Program Requirements. Read more.


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